Green Home Building

What Is Green Home Building?

Building green means incorporating environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the home building and land development process to minimize environmental impact. That means that during the design, construction, and operation of a home, the home's overall impact on the environment is taken into account.

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Go Green, Save Green

A home energy analysis of Elm Street by Home Energy Technologies LLC, a leading Connecticut-based home energy consulting firm, calculated a Capitalized Annual Savings of $93,501.00* (table 1).

*Capitalized Annual Savings is NPV of Annual Savings including inflation for 20 years discounted at after-tax mortgage rate. Actual energy costs and savings may differ considerably from above projections depending on number, lifestyle and habits of occupants. Percentage reductions provide a reasonable estimate of savings for a given household.

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Annual Savings
table 1.

Energy efficient homes also benefit from rebates from local utility companies. For example, Elm Street received a rebate check (see below) for $3,807.00 from CL&P and a rebate check for $4,542.50 from UI.

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CL&P Rebate Check

UI Rebate Check

Green home building isn't just about saving money, it is also about environmental impact and overall efficiency. My homes exceed the standards set by the Department Of Energy Builder's Challenge. The scale below is the Department of Energy EnergySmart Home Scale for Elm Street. A typical new home scores 100. For a home to meet the Builder's Challenge it must score a 70. Elm Street scored 45.

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E-Scale Elm Street

Innovative Techniques

Cutting-edge technologies and advanced building-science practices make each and every one of my projects better than the last. I have vowed to constantly educate my self not only with the industry standards but also with the newest materials, techniques and practices in order to delivery the best possible service to my customers.

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Building Elm Street
Building Laurel Beach
Demolition Video

Building Green With Jeff Hallquist

I am a National Association of Home Builders Certified Green Professional and have pledged to follow their strict code of green building ethics. My goal is to build the best energy efficient products within my customer's budget through educating myself with cutting-edge technologies and conveying the best building-science practices to every project.